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Welcome to The Human Resource Professional's Gateway to the Internet - by Eric R. Wilson. Most of the information found linked through this document will be Human Resource Management related. There is a great deal available on the internet to assist the HR Professional with their personal and professional development and I will endeavor to assist in directing you to some of these resources via the attached pages. Keep stopping by as I will add new and exciting things making your future visits worthwhile. Remember, that it takes time to learn how to get what you want from the 'Net - be patient with yourself.
The Human Resource Professional's Gateway to the Internet has been on the Internet since 1995.  Windows Magazine, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), HR Magazine (SHRM's monthly), The Review (IHRIM's bi-monthly which is now called, Benefits and Compensation Solutions, Workforce's Workforce Online (Previously known as Personnel Journal's HR Headquarters-on the Web), and Microsoft's suggested Management links among others have listed it as a place to go when seeking HR information on the Web. Thank you for stopping by and letting it be known that this is a place to go. Feel free to drop me a line to my mailbox with suggestions, comments, and other "hot" spot suggestions to link through this page. If you would like to find out more about HR Integrated Solutions, Inc. click on the name.
To "listen" to my response to a question posed by a current website visitor just click here.   The current question is, "How do you discipline without negatively impacting morale?"  You will also find a book suggestion related to the topic that is made directly available through an web link.
Additionally, you can view a presentation I have prepared for your pleasure entitled, "The 'More' Effective Policy Loop" by clicking here.
Well, if this is not enough for you - I am adding some new features to the website.  For those that would like to post and inquire regarding HR-related topics we now have a bulletin board in place for just that purpose...though it is currently being moved to a new platform...keep watching for its addition!   Or if you prefer to participate in the HRPros discussion group then watch here for the link that will allow you to do so in the future.

Further, we are now offering a subscription function and developing content for the PalmComputing® Platform.   Subscribe to the Human Resource Professional's developing on-line content by clicking here or if you would simply like to see what is there click here.  In order to view and fully utilize the information you will need to have AvantGo's *free* Web-To-Go software installed on your Palm Pilot.   
For those of you that like to do puzzles we have now added one for your entertainment pleasure.  We have provided a wordfind puzzle with 44 "Change Management" related words hidden away.  In the future we may add prizes but the purpose of the current puzzle is JUST FOR FUN!


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