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Here are some other spots to visit on the World Wide Web that have some relationship or benefit for the HR professional. Keep me informed as you see other sites that should be added.
These are sites to be grouped logically into separate pages in the future. Until there are sufficient numbers to group into separate categories they will remain in this section.
In addition to the links found below you may want to visit a couple other "specialized" link pages that I have prepared.  These special pages include Job Search links, HR Product/Service links, and Just-for-Fun links - click on the relevant category to be taken to the relevant page.  We are also transitioning to a new HR website search engine, to check-it-out feel free to visit the developing tool by clicking here.
Academy of Human Resource Development homepage notes that it encourages systematic the study of human resource development theories, processes, and practices; to disseminate information about HRD, to encourage the application of HRD research findings, and to provide opportunities for social interaction among individuals with scholarly and professional interests in HRD, from multiple disciplines and from across the globe.
The AFL-CIO's LaborWeb homepage offers the browser the AFL-CIO's policy statements, its "Don't Buy List", their Stand UP campaign information, and their press releases.
All Business Network is a jam-packed general business web site. It includes many recruitment links.
American Society for Training & Development homepage gives information regarding this 65,000 member organization. The site contains links to other HR-related sites and ASTD local chapters.
The Americans with Disabilities Act Document Center is a huge database of information detailing most aspects of the ADA. It contains the regulations, technical assistance manuals, links, and anything else that you might need.
Assault Prevention Information Network has been created by Judith Weiss. It is unfortunate that controlling the potential of workplace violence has become an ever increasing part of the HR management function. This page may offer assistance to that end.
The Australian Human Resources Institute notes that it is Australia's leading professional body for people with Human Resources responsibilities and interests.   AHRI boasts a membership of 12,000. The site includes extensive links and some reading material for the HR professional.
B K C & G Consulting Assists employers with understanding and complying with COBRA and COBRA-related issues. Updated for HIPAA and Certificates of Coverage requirements. Includes articles and a "question & answer" section for visitors to the site.
The Benefits-L listserv discussion group homepage. Created and maintained by Richard L. Hannah, an economics professor at Middle Tennessee State University. Links to other related sites are included too.
The BenefitsLink Homepage a broad range of services designed for employers and benefits professionals with benefit-related issues and concerns. Also included are job search tools/functions.
Bric Wheeler offers University-based Centers for Management and Executive and Management and Executive Development links through this website.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics Website An impressive site filled to the brim with statistical information, Occupational Outlook Handbook online, keyword searches, and related links. A "must visit" site!
Caritas Health Group is composed of three hospitals in Canada. This link takes you to their comprehensive policies on-line.
Center for Human Resources from the University of Colorado at Denver. Illustrates how the NET can be used for policies, orientations, etc.
Claremont Graduate School offers psychology, organizational psychology, and HRD resources.
College and University Personnel Association (CUPA) website. CUPA is composed of more than 6,000 personnel professionals from the higher education community. Details programs and resources available, many links, and includes job listings.
Columbia-Willamette Compensation Group by David Waterfall. Check out this location for a comprehensive (developing) link to many Portland-local HR related organization homepages.
Cornell Center for Advanced Human Resources Studies Cornell University's Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies (CAHRS) is a mutually beneficial partnership between outstanding faculty researchers and over 50 of the world's major corporations.
Cornell Institute of Collective Bargaining Unions, corporations, and government agencies are working with Cornell faculty members to foster changes in the collective bargaining process that will enhance the competitiveness of the American economy.
Cornell University Legal Information Institute is a legal resource goldmine.
Cornell University School of Industrial & Labor Relations maintains several HR-related sites and an excellent index of Industrial & Labor Relations sites.
Cornell Work and Environment Initiative The Work and Environment Initiative is a program of the Cornell Center for the Environment. Drawing substantially on the Cornell School of Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR), the WEI combines expertise in labor-management relations, human resource management and industrial hygiene.
Cornell Workplace Diversity Network is focused on how individuals can learn to see individual differences as assets, rather than as liabilities.
Corporate HR Technologies offers links to many sites on the Internet for HR professional. Their site includes their own listing of various HR information system vendors homepages.
Court TV Not only does Court TV occupy a spot on your cable television line-up, it is also a website.  Visit this location for sample policies and updates on current cases that MAY have an impact on you or your organization.  Past topics have covered email policies, sexual harassment, violence in the workplace, and more.
Drucker Center of Management through the Claremont Graduate School. Offers internet links for their management center and is preparing to make available an online database of Peter Drucker's books, articles, and lectures.
Ed Hernandez home page. Ed has been accumulating many HR related sites and associated shareware download locations. Worth visiting.
The EU Employers' Network Formed in 1989 with assistance from the European Commission, the Network covers social and employment issues relevant to the personnel/HR practitioner. Today there are over 150 corporate members employing some 2 million people worldwide. Includes links to EU sites of interest to HR professionals maintaining business within any of the European Union's countries.
Fair Measures is a management law consulting group that offers a lot of information via their site. There is an "Ask the Lawyer" section, links, and on-line copies of their legal newsletter. The stated goal of the website is to provide managers and business owners with up-to-date information and resources on employment law.
The Federal Web Locator is made available through the Villanova Center for Information Law and Policy. This site is intended to be a "one-stop shopping" spot for federal government information on the Web.
F.E.D.Net by the Federation for Enterprise Development. The non-profit Foundation for Enterprise Development (F.E.D.) helps create highly productive, competitive enterprises worldwide through equity compensation, employee ownership and involvement, and other high performance business strategies. Their website has information regarding "Leading Companies", "Equity Solutions", and a "Resource Library."
FedWorld is a database of federal government news and information.
Government Information Sharing Project contains demographic information that may be of benefit to HR professionals.
HERMES by Blue Mountain offers information for HR and training managers.  Based in Belgium with information in Dutch & French.  An international links page included.
HRIM Mall focuses on Human Resource Information Management and Technology. The site alows the visitor to search for products & services, HR events, professional associations, job opportunites, and other HR links.
HR OnLINE is a link to several HR-related sites and companies.
HR Management Resources on the Internet by Ray Lye. From the Business School at Nottingham Trent University in the Department of Human Resource Management. This is a must see and brand new. A comprehensive and international link from the United Kingdom.
The HR Manager by Auxillium West offers a substantial amount of HR-related information on-line at no charge. Worth a visit and probably a bookmark.
The HRNET listserv discussion group homepage. Created and maintained by John W. Boudreau, an Associate Professor of HR at Cornell.
HR World offers links, articles, and information to the HR professional. Most areas can only be accessed by members but the registration is painless and free.
HVL - Strategic Corporate Internet Management Consultants. The site is managed by Guy Huntington who is one of the HR internet trailblazers. The site offers a comprehensive business bookmark file containing many helpful links.
The Human Resource Planning Society is an organization dedicated to providing current perspectives on human resource and business issues.
Human Resources Development Canada National Site of Human Resources Development Canada. Focused on people - children and families, youth, seniors, the unemployed, individuals with disabilities, Aboriginal peoples, and Canadians in the workplace. Includes job bank and other services. Available in french or english.
Human Resources in the Alberta Government from Alberta, Canada.  Includes relevant demographics, job postings for Alberta Public Service vacancies, on-line newsletters, and more.
Immigration Software by ITA home page site. Photius Coutsoukis has put together a pages filled with links to many immigration information sites (The Immigration Superhighway) as well as information about their products. Also included is a handy Dictionary of Occupational Titles index.
Industrial Relations Research Association home page site. The IRRA is a singular organization of professionals interested in industrial relations and human resources.
Institute of Management & Administration home page site. I.O.M.A. offers articles, newsletters and links regarding various business-related issues.
Internal Revenue Service home page site. This site has been developed with the goal of providing broad and immediate access to IRS tax information and forms.
The International Association for Human Resource Information Management In 1996 HRSP and CHRSP (the Canadian equivalent organization) combined to become IHRIM. This organization's focus is on the effective use of information systems in HR. Included in the site is an HRIS buyer's guide, HR technology job postings and more.
International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans is the largest educational association serving the employee benefits field. Membership is noted to be 34,000. The site contains executive summaries of many articles regarding various benefits issues.
The International Personnel Management Association's Assessment Council home page. The documentation notes that their site is dedicated to those engaged in applications, research, and training in personnel assessment to meet the needs of public and private organizations.
International Society for Performance Improvement notes that it is an association dedicated to increasing productivity in the workplace through the application of performance and instructional technologies.
Jamestown Area Labor-Management Committee, Inc (JALMC) publishes the HR Fact Finder, Managing Diversity, and Labor News Digest newsletters.  The website offers samples of articles found in their publications.
Job Analysis & Personality Research from Virginia Tech. Addresses the dual topics of job analysis and personality assessment.
LaborNet through the Institute for Global Communications. Offers a link to many of the unions and labor organizations found on the Web. If you need to find information regarding a union then this is the place to visit first.
Marine Biological Laboratory Employee Handbook Online from Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Another excellent example of how organizations are using the Web for employee communication.
National Labor Relations Board offers interested parties a site that includes decisions, press releases, notices, and more. Worth looking at PRIOR to undergoing an organizing vote.
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) offering news and information regularly updated regarding activities relating to OSHA.
Occupational Safety and Health Resources offers a comprehensive list of occupational safety and health materials from around the world. Teuvo Uusitalo has even incorporated a nice search engine to allow the browser to quickly review the contents of the site for relevant material.
The Peer Resources Homepage has a mission to strengthen peer helping, peer support, and mentoring in schools, communities, and corporations.
Phenix is Al Doran's homepage. It offers several links to HR related sites.
Positive Employee Relations Council (PERC) offered by Doug Kalish offers a lot! Try their on-line Leadership Challenge Simulation, a downloadable interactive module from their interactive training CD, creative business management ideas, and more. Stop by and tell Doug Kalish that I said "Hi!"
The Professional Society for Sales and Marketing Training (SMT) notes that it is an association of training executives committed to improving sales, marketing, and customer relations through training.
Rice University HR Policies Online is another example of how an organization is more effectively communicating policies using the internet.
Richard L. Hannah's Industrial Relations and HR home page site. Many links and listserv citations from this economics professor.
The San Antonio Human Resource Management Association home page site. Another local SHRM chapter that is on-line.
School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University. Offers an array of HR-related materials including a virtual library of links.
Scott's Business and Finance Link Site is the creation of Scott Thoele from the University of Arkansas. Links to many HR-related sites.
Small Business Administration website. Great site for new business developers with gopher searches, files to download, and general SBA information.
Smart Valley Telecommuting Guide is an incredible resource for any organization considering a telecommuting program. Smart Valley, Inc.(San Francisco Bay area of California), produced this information packed site. The guide is available in several formats as well as a Japanese version in HTML. Go there, you will be impressed too!
The Social Security Administration's homepage is packed with information. Several forms are made available for downloading.
The Society for Human Resource Management homepage originally created by Mike Frost. This is the homepage for the primary HR professional organization based in the United States. Membership now exceeds 150,000 (as of 2000) professional and student members from around the globe. SHRM provides its members with education and information services, conferences and seminars, government and media representation, and publications. Although many areas are only available to SHRM members there is a significant amount of information made accessible to all visitors. One of the premier HR-related sites on the Web.
Strategic Communications Online offers support for professionals and corporations interested in all aspects of business communications.
TCM Targeted Communication Management. Focused on training and communications on/using the Internet.
Technology, HR & Communication Home Page has been put together by Brian Croft.
Telecommuting, Teleworking, and Alternative Officing home page site. Gil Gordon Associates has put together this site on "alternative" work options.
"Thomas" Site at the Library of Congress offering online searches of current legislation, bills, the legislative process, and much more.
Training & Development Homepage by Eric Snyder. It is a comprehensive homepage linking to many sites and offering a great deal of vendor information.
TrainingNet offers the visitor the ability to search their database (no charge to list your event in the database or search it!) for relevant training events. The site includes a job/resume posting service, an on-line magazine, and searchable product/service directory.
The Training Registry is a website offering an on-line directory of training resources.
U.S. Immigration for Canadian Businesses and Professionals from the Law Office of Joseph C. Grasmick. Contains information about temporary and permanent U.S. immigration work permits for Canadian businesses and professionals.
United States House of Representatives Internet Law Library is a comprehensive source of information regarding US and international law.
United States Department of Labor is the site maintained by the labor law enforcement agency for the United States of America. Employers can print off on-line versions of required labor posters, read about the latest regulations, and download sample Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) policies. Much is available at this site.
United Steel Workers of America AFL-CIO, CLC website. Includes information about the union and several "how-to organize" section.
University of California's Bencom is the internet information source for University of California employees, retired employees, and former employees still eligible for benefits. Yet another excellent illustration of what you can do for your employees and organization, on the Net.
University of California San Diego's HR Home Page is a pretty impressive illustration of what an organization can do to communicate the HR function's services and strategic plan on the Web.
University of Colorado at Denver's HR Policies On-Line is another impressive illustration of what an organization can do to communicate the HR function's services and policies on the Web.
VRC Consulting Group Vince Ceriello, SPHR, is a person that I count as a personal friend and is respected internationally for his knowledge regarding Human Resource Management Systems. This site offers discussion forums, bulletin boards, and real-time chat functionality for those interested in HR systems and related topics.
WARIA is the Workflow and Reengineering International Association home page. Their stated focus is to assist those who are in the process of reengineering their organizations.
Willamette Law Online's, Labor Law section by Ross Runkel, Professor of Law, Willamette University College of Law, provides selected recent developments (decisions, legislation, regulations) on employment discrimination, employment law, and labor law.  A "Recent Developments" and "NLRB Weekly" update email subscription service is also available to interested visitors at no charge. 
Workforce Online is the on-line companion to the magazine Workforce. Prior to 1997 this site was called "HR Headquarters" prior to the magazine being renamed from Personnel Journal. Many HR related options available once in this homepage.
Workplace Learning Help Desk by Excel Human Resource Development of Australia. Alastair Rylatt's site offers suggestions and resources for improving the performance and potential of employees.
WorldatWork homepage. Previously know as the American Compensation Association (...I still have some challenges with the name change) WorldatWork is a global, not-for-profit professional association of more than 26,000 (as of 2001/08 website count) compensation, benefits and human resources professionals. The organization has been known for its historic leadership in compensation, benefits and total rewards education. WorldatWork offers certification (CCP®, CBPTM and GRP®) and education programs, online information resources, publications, conferences, research and networking opportunities.
Winning Associates-Human Resource Consultants Ethan Winning has published over 200 articles on various HR topics, many of these articles are available through this page.
Bob Willard's Home Page Bob Willard has an interest in learning organizations and has placed several documents within his site describing the same.

Sites recently added

HumanResourcesEDU is a site created " serve as a resource for those aspiring to entry-level HR positions, as well as current specialists and managers looking to advance to upper-level management and executive leadership positions through graduate studies in business administration and HRM.
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