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Have you ever wanted to "chat" with other individuals that happen to be visiting the same website as you real-time?  In an effort to offer a little something for all of our visitors a new feature has been added through a hosted chatroom service.  This virtual communications tool is being provided to enable the HR Pro's Gateway to present you with real-time content and also to allow you to chat with other visitors regarding appropriate issues.
The HR Pro's Gateway to the Internet java-based chatroom will be utilized for special real-time events hosted by HR Integrated Solutions and other select individuals and vendors.  Watch this page for a schedule of upcoming events...and feel free to suggest some of your own.
As an added benefit to visitors of the website a virtual community may develop, created by individuals that would like to utilize the virtual "rooms" for their HR-related discussion with other visitors to the site. 
Remember that chatroom conversations are not considered private and the rooms are NOT a place for illegal or inappropriate communications. Neither HR Integrated Solutions, Inc. or affiliated organizations or individuals can be held liable in any way for any actions or outcomes associated with the use of this site.  Send your comments to
If you are ready to try out the HR Pro's Chatroom then simply Click Here.

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